Stort og rummeligt hus med pool, have, flere terrasser og balkoner.



  • 4 badeværelser
  • Air Condition
  • Airport Shuttle Service
  • Privat swimmingpool
  • Privat udendørs Jacussi
  • Standard køkken
  • Udendørs pool
  • WiFi


Priserne og ledighedsperioder er vejledende og oplyst med forbehold for evt. ændringer af ejeren ved svar på forspørgsel. X afmærkning er endnu ikke oplyst af ejer. Men vil blive oplyst ved forspørgsel.

Mindste pris pr dag: 2700 baht

Ugepris: = x baht

2 uger : x baht

3 uger: x baht

4 uger: x baht

Priser: højsæson måned x baht

Priser weekend: x baht

Priser, depositum, lejebetingelser ændres iht aftale mellem ejer og lejer ved leje over 1 måneds varighed.

Deposit: x % , afhængig af lejeperiodens varighed

Betaling depositum: Ved booking
Betaling leje: x måneder før check ind; x baht kontant ved check in
Tilbagebetaling depositum ved lejers aflysning: Ja, x måneder før check ind dato
Tilbagebatling leje ved lejers aflysning: Ja, senest x måneder før check ind dato
Depositum og leje tilbagebetales ved ejers aflysning

Inkl : wifi , slutrengøring
Ekskl: El x baht/kw vand: x baht/m3 ekstra rengøring : x baht

Gebyr=Taxes: Kreditkort betaling 2 %

Booking procedure:
Booking Request modtages af os.
Vi bekræfter modtagelse og kontakter ejeren
Vi mailer svar fra ejer om ledig, endelig pris, samt betalingsanvisninger

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Booking Ageement Rental Agreement

Vi mailer Booking Agreement sammen med betalingsanvisninger. Vi mailer opdateret Rental Agreement efter vi har modtaget betalinger.

Booking Agreement
We are pleased to confirm your booking of property mentioned in this document. You are requested to transfer deposit/downpayment. Deposit will be returned to you at check out deducted : Electric and water consumption. You are requested to notify us by mail as soon you start transfer deposit/downpayment. Confirm of receipt in rentalcontract, of your depsit/downpayment transfer; will be mailed to you when we receive your transfer. Confirm of receipt in rentalcontract, of your of rent amount transfer; will be mailed to you when we receive your transfer. Following has been agreed between agent/owner and you.
Name of Lessee:
Name of property :
No. of bedrooms:
No. of bathrooms:
No. of persons:
Adress of property:
Electric price pr unit:
Water price pr unit:
Wifi: Incl in rentalprice
Deposit/downpayment : baht
Rental amount to be paid :
Pets allowed: Yes/no
Smoking allowed indoors property: Yes/no
Name of agent/owner:

Rental Agreement between Agent/Owner and Lessee

This Agreement is made between agent/owner and lessee

WHEREAS, both parties agree to make this contract with the following contract:

If agent represent owner; then this agent as in bookingform and contract; is empowered by separate agreement with the owner to rent the property to the third parties for domestic use purposes only.
If owner is not representet by any agent; the owner is responsible. Therefor agent/owner and lessee is responsible for contend in this contract under the following terms and conditions..

1. Terms and Condition of Rental.
The lessee has paid rental and deposit as in Booking Agreement .
Deposit paid: Yes/no date
Rentamount paid: Yes/no date
Deposit is security for use of water, electricity and telephone to the property caused by Lessee.
bedsheets and towels. The agent/owner will issue receipts for all rental and deposit payments.
Refund deposit by cancellation owner: Yes Refund rent amount by cancellation owner: Yes
Refund deposit by cancellation Lessee: Yes, if cancellation 3 month before check in
Refund rentamount by cancellation Lessee: No

2. Contents and condition of the property.

2.1 All content, fixtures and fittings within the property have been checked and are all in good working order and condition. During the first day of your stay if your notice any damage in excess of wear and tear please notify and we will make every effort to rectify the situation. If damage in excess of wear and tear, missing items or the accommodation is left abnormally dirty, you hereby agree to pay for re replacement costs of cleaning.

2.2 The value of any loss or damage to the property according to clause 4 caused be the lessee and deemed in excess of normal wear and tear will be paid the lessee from the deposit described in clause 1.

2.3 Hereof, the remainder of this deposit will be returned to the lessee upon termination of this Agreement. The Lessee will pay the value of any loss or damage to the property in excess of this deposit to the Agent/owner, based on evaluation.

3. Water, Electricity, Cleaning, Internet and transferfee; as agreed in Booking Agreement.

3.1 All charges for use of water and electricity will be paid by the Lessee. The agent/owner is responsible for the reading for the meters and collection of payment, which will be done together with the tenant at arrival and departure.

3.2 The value of any use of water and electricity and telephone not paid by the Lessee will be deducted from this deposit in clause 2.3. the remainder of deposit will be returned to Lessee
upon termination of this agreement . The lessee will pay the value of any use of water & electricity in excess of this deposit to the agent/owner.

4.Lessee’s Responsibilities.

4.1 The Lessee will keep the property clean and free from bad smells. No combustible or otherwise dangerous materials may be kept on the property. The Lessee agrees to not create disturbance to neighbors through excessive noise.

4.2 The Lessee is responsible for the actions of all lessee’s guests and visitors to the property.

4.3 The lessee agrees to take good care of the furniture, carpets draperies, appliances and other household goods, and the personal effects of lesser and further agrees that he will deliver up it to lesser in good condition at the end of the tern of this lease, normal wear and tear expected.

4.4 The lessee shall not keep or have in or on the leased house, outbuildings or grounds any article or thing of a dangerous, flammable or explosive nature that might be pronounced hazardous’’ or extra hazardous’’ by any responsible insurance company.

4.5 The lessee covenants that s/he shall not commit nor permit a nuisance in or upon the property, that s/he not maliciously or by reason of gross negligence damage the house, outbuildings or grounds and that he shall not engage, nor permit any member of his family to engage, in conduct so as to interfere substantially with the comfort and safety of resident of adjacent buildings.

4.6 The lessee agrees that he and his family are responsible for their own safety during stay in the property and he holds the Agent and the owner of the property harmless from any lawsuit against injuries and/or death that may occur in the property during their lease period.

5. Keys.
The lessee will hold a set of keys to the property and will not make copies without written consent of the agent/owner.

6. Availability.

6.1 The agent/owner ensures that the lessee an lessee’s family shall have, hold and enjoy the leased premises for the of this lease, subject to the conditions set for the herein.

6.2 The lessee shall, at reasonable times, give access to lessor or his agents for any reasonable and lawful purpose. Except in situations of compelling emergency, lessor or his agents shall give the lessee at least 24 hours’ notice of intention to seek access, the date and time at which access will be sought, and the reason therefore.

7. Termination

7.1 This agreement will be terminated on the date specified in clause hereof. If the lessee violates this Agreement in any way, the agent/owner may terminate this agreement and require the lessee to leave the property immediately.

7.2 If the lessee decides to vacate the property at anytime during this contract, all rental money held by the agent/owner will be kept. If the lessee decides to vacate the property before the end of this contract, the rental charge for all months still outstanding will be due immediately.

8. Only Agreement.
This is the entire agreement, and any prior agreements, understanding, or terms are revoked by this agreement. The above price is based on the Services based above. Owner agrees to negotiate a reasonable price for any changes in those services. Any change to agreement must be in writing and signed by both parties.

9. Attorney fees & Litigation

If a lawsuit is filed or other proceedings arises from a dispute over any term of this agreement (or any written change)or this performance, the losing party will pay the winning party all the costs it causes the winning party to incur, including reasonable lawyers fees. The law of the kingdom of Thailand will govern this agreement. If a court holds that any of its terms is invalid or unenforceable, the rest of the agreement will continue in full force and effect.
This Agreement is made in two copies and both parties confirm that have fully understood the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Lessee agree/aprove terms and conditions in Booking Ageement and Rental Agreement by paying as agreed up on in booking agreement and Rental Agreement. Agent/owner agree/aprove terms and conditions in Booking Ageement and Rental Agreement by receiving payment from lessee as agreed up on in Booking Agreement and Rental Agreement.


Vi er altid til rådighed med hjælp og vejledning før og efter bookingen er foretaget. Vi mailer, Check in form, senest 14 dage før check ind til lejer og ejer for at opdatere oplysninger og ønsker. Under lejemål er lejer i kontakt med lokal agent, samtidig med at vi altid kan kontaktes online.

Check in form:

Antal personer/number of persons:

Flydetaljer/flight details:
Ankomst hus/arrival estate check in :
Afgang hus check ud/departure estate check out :
Lejeperiode/rental period:
Bolig / estate:
Overført udbetaling/depositum Transferred downpayment/deposit
Betaling/payment husleje/rent:
Tilbagebetaling check ud/ refund amunt pay at check out: baht, el and water consumption
Mægler/ejer - Agent/owner:
Mailet paskopi/mailed passcopie: Ja/Yes
Modtaget lejekontrakt/received contract: Ja/Yes
Bestilt transport/ ordered transport: No
Bestilt service ydelser/ordered service: No

Indcheckning lejeophold udcheckning :
Indcheckning foregår sammen med dig og mægler. Der bliver udleveret nøgler. Strøm og vand bliver aflæst og du modtager en kopi på aflæsningen. Restbeløbet betales og der modtages kvittering. Boligen fremvises. Du modtager kontaktoplysninger på mægleren. VIGTIGT:Husk at afprøve alt i boligen med det samme; internet,varmt vand,toilet,lys osv. Kontroller sengetøj og håndklæder i alle soverum Kontroller at der er nok køkkenudstyr,stole osv til det antal personer som i har lejet boligen til. Mægleren bliver infomeret af os at alt skal gennemgås ved check in. Der har desværre været check in hvor medarbejdere kun har udleveret nøgler og aflæst måler. Det er ikke ok. Så forlang at få boligen fremvist ordentligt. Meddel medarbejder, os/mægler med det samme hvis mangler opdages. Under lejeopholdet kan mægleren kontaktes ved evt fejl og mangler. VIGTIGT: Kontakt altid os samtidig med at du kontakter mægler. Det er oftest ikke nok kun at henvende sig i reception ved leje af bolig i condominium.Så kontakt altid os og mægler. Mægleren/vi kan også kontaktes til almindelig assistance i forbindelse med lejemålet. Vi er til rådighed her hjemmefra og mægleren på stedet. Ved udcheckning gennemgås boligen med mægler og depositummet udbetales hvis der ikke er forvoldt skade på boligen. Der aflæses og afregnes for forbrug af strøm og vand.
Du er altid velkommen til at kontakte os for oplysninger og vejledning om dit lejeophold.

Check-in rental stay check-out :
Checking going on with you and the agent. There will be handed the keys. Power and water are read and you will receive a copy of the reading. The balance is paid and received a receipt. The property is presented . You will receive contact information for the agent . IMPORTANT : Remember to test everything in the house immediately , internet, hot water , toilet, lights, etc. Make sure the bedding and towels in all bedrooms make sure that there are enough kitchenware, chairs etc to the number of people who have rented the property to . The agent is infomert by us that everything must be reviewed upon check-in . Unfortunately, there have been check in which employees only receive the keys and read meter. It's not ok. So insist to get home showcased properly. Notify employee 's / agent immediately if defects are discovered . During your stay you can contact agent contacted for any errors or omissions. IMPORTANT: Always contact us at the same time that you contact the agent. Often it is not enough to turn the reception specially in condominium. So always contact us and broker. The agent / We can also be contacted for general assistance in connection with the lease. We are available here online and the agent on site. At the check-out all is checked if in good order with agent; and deposit paid if all in good order. Reading meter and settled for consumption of electricity and water .
You are always welcome to contact us for information and guidance on your rental stay .

Best Regards
Michael Reher